Gender Reveal Baby Shower Cakes

There is a new trend sweeping the land for those expectant parents possessed of extraordinary patience and willpower: the Gender Reveal Baby Shower.

How does it work? Normally at a 20-week ultrasound, the ultrasound tech is able to identify the gender of the baby, and for the past 20 or so years would simply tell the parents during the ultrasound appointment.  It's usually a private, emotional moment in the dark ultrasound room, followed by a flurry of cell phone calls once you leave.

But what if you could invite all your friends and family to find out at the same moment you do?  Well, they won't all fit in the room, that's for sure.  So here's how it's done. Tell the ultrasound tech that you are hosting a gender reveal party, and that you would like him or her to write down the baby's gender, put it in an envelope, and seal it.  Now take it home and try to resist pretending you are Carnac the Magnificent.

If you have a friend or family who is throwing your baby shower, give them the envelope, with instructions not to open it.  Now the fun begins.  Your hostess will find a cake artist (and I hope that cake artist is me!). Give the cake artist that envelope.  Your cake artist will open the envelope in privacy, and color the batter (or filling, if you prefer) of the cake blue for a boy, or pink for a girl. The outside design of your cake can be something baby-ish and gender neutral. Some gender reveal cakes bear messages like "He or she? Open and see!"

At your gender reveal baby shower, the cake will be the centerpiece and focal point of the shower (second to the mommy-to-be, of course!).  And at the crowning moment when it is cake cutting time, all your friends and family will be gathered around waiting for you to pull out that first slice of cake, so you can all experience the moment together.  What used to be just "dessert" is now one of the most highly anticipated moments of your life.

Enjoy this moment in the company of those who you love best in the world, and let them feel special by experiencing it with you.